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Date Done in Class Handouts (click to open/download)
4/20 12.1-12.3 Review 12.1-12.3 Proof Solutions
4/19 12.2c Congruent Triangles 12.2c Slides
4/17 12.2b Congruent Triangles 12.2b Slides
4/16 12.2a Congruent Triangles 12.2a Slides
4/12 12.1a Congruent Figures 12.1a Slides
4/11 U11 Test #4b Reflection in Google Classroom due 4/18
4/9 U11 Review U11 Review Key
Quizizz Code: 383813
4/6 11.5b Angles in Triangles 11.5b Slides
U11 Review Key
4/5 11.5a Angles in Triangles 11.5a Slides
4/4 11.1-11.3 Quiz #4a Reflection in Google Classroom due 4/11
4/3 11.3b Parallel Lines and Angles 11.1-11.3 Review Solutions
11.3b Slides
4/2 11.3a Parallel Lines and Angles 11.3a Slides
3/29 11.2b Parallel Lines and Angles 11.2b Slides
3/28 11.2a Desmos Activity Code: A84TA
3/27 Room Points and Planes Activity
3/9 Mid-Test Enjoy Break!
3/8 11.1b Lines and Planes 11.1b Slides
11.1 Practice
3/7 11.1a Lines and Planes 11.1a Slides
3/6 Ch 10 Test
3/5 Ch 10 Review U10 Review Solutions
3/2 10.7b Proving Angles Congruent U10 Review Solutions
10.7b Slides
3/1 10.7a Proving Angles Congruent 10.7a Slides
2/28 10.4b Good Definitions and Conditionals 10.4b Slides
2/27 10.4a Good Definitions 10.4a Slides
2/26 10.3c Conditional Statements 10.3c Slides
2/23 10.3b Conditional Statement 10.3b Slides
2/22 10.3a Conditional Statements 10.3a Slides
2/21 10.1 Conditional Statements Poster Activity
2/20 10.1 Conditional Statements If…Then… Activity
10.1a Slides
2/15 10.0 Logic Puzzles 10.0a Slides
Logic Puzzle 1
2/14 9.1-9.3 Quest #2a Reflection 9.1-9.3 in Google Classroom due Wednesday 2/21
2/13 9.1-9.3 Review Review Quizizz: Code: 783769
9.1-9.3 Review Key
2/12 9.3a Area and Perimeter (Trapezoid/Rhombus/Kite)
2/9 9.3a Area and Perimeter (Trapezoid/Rhombus/Kite) 9.3a Slides
9.3 Practice
2/8 9.2a Area and Perimeter (Squares/Triangles/Parallelograms) 9.2 Practice
2/7 9.2a Area and Perimeter (Squares/Triangles/Parallelograms) 9.2a Slides
9.2 Practice
2/6 9.1b Area and Perimeter (Rectangles/Circles/Compound Shapes) 9.1b Slides
9.1 Practice
2/5 9.1a Area and Perimeter(Rectangles/Circles/Compound Shapes) 9.1a Slides
2/2 4.5-4.6 Quiz Ohio Jones due Monday 2/5
2/1 4.6 Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities 4.5-4.6 Review Key
1/31 4.6 Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities 4.6b Slides
Ohio Jones due Monday 2/5
4.6 Pyramid of Power Extra Credit
1/30 4.6 Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities 4.6a Slides
1/29 4.5 Graphing Linear Inequalities 4.5a Slides
1/26 4.1-4.3 Quiz #1a Reflection 4.1-4.3 in Google Classroom due Fri 2/2
1/25 4.1-4.3 Review 4.1-4.3 Quiz Review Key
1/24 4.3b Solving Systems by Elimination 4.3 Practice
1/23 4.3a Solving Systems by Elimination 4.3a Slides
1/22 4.2c Solving Systems by Substitution 4.2 Practice
1/19 4.2b Solving Systems by Substitution 4.2b Slides
1/18 4.2a Solving Systems by Graphing Shape Challenge
1/17 4.1b Solving Systems by Graphing 4.1b Slides
1/16 4.1a Solving Systems by Graphing 4.1a Slides
1/12 Pre-Test
1/11 Google Classroom #0a and #0b in Google Classroom due Thursday 1/18
1/10 Syllabus Syllabus Sem2 (signed by Wednesday 1/17)
1/9 Introductions


This year, we will be using the Pearson Integrated Mathematics I textbook to guide our learning. This semester will have six units:

  • Systems of Equations and Inequalities
  • Perimeter and Area of Polygons
  • Congruent Figures
  • Introduction to Proof
  • Properties of Lines and Angles
  • Properties of Exponents